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The Seedbox is the ideal starter for any grower. Each set contains a culture container with a transparent lid, 12 germ plugs and a bottle of unique Plagron Seed Booster. Follow the instructions in the clear in your own language and your seeds will germinate and grow into perfect plants.
The secret of this set is the Seed Booster. This stimulator has a protective anti-rotting enzyme that gently penetrates the skin of even the most difficult seeds.
application Complete set for safe germination of seeds.
  • Complete set for safe germination of seeds
  • Growing kit with transparent cover and 12 germ plugs
  • Each ml contains 250 Seedbox Seed Booster
  • Includes manual in 12 languages 
  • Growing kit with transparent cover     
  • Germinating plugs 12
  • 250 ml Seed Booster
  • Manual in 12 languages
  1. Pour the bottle Seed Booster empty into the measuring cup and add 250 ml of lukewarm tap water. Stir this mixture gently with the stirrer.
  2. Pour the mixture evenly over the germinating plugs into the culture container. Wait a few minutes until the solution is completely absorbed. Drain any excess liquid from the container after the plugs are filled with fluid.
  3. Grab the seeds with clean hands and plant them 5 mm deep in the hole, the middle germ plug.
  4. Clamp the transparent cover between the two ridges on the inside of the container. In this manner, the culture container completely closed.
  5. Place the seed tray in a room with a temperature of 20-24 ° C.
  6. After 1 - 5 days germinate the seeds. Click the transparent cover detached from the culture dish and place it at a slight angle on the culture dish. This creates small openings which allow fresh air to the plants come.
  7. Provide adequate light for sturdy stems. If the plants get the plastic cover can be removed. Once the root tips outside the germ plug-and growth, the plants according to the chosen culture method further cultured.
Packaging A Seedbox contains a seed tray, 12 germ plugs and a bottle Seed Booster.