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Plagron Lightmix 50 L


  • 8995 DKK

Let gødet plantejord, som indeholder næring nok til de første uger af plantens levetid. Indeholder perlite. Egnet til alle faser fra spiring til blomst. 50 L

Plagron Light-Mix is a slightly fertilized potting soil which contains enough nutrients for the first 2 weeks. 

NPK 12-14-24

Plagron Light-mix is a mix of the very best, carefully selected types of peat. The addition of various types of fibre results in a lightness and oxygen level found only in a quality Plagron potting soil. Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to Plagron Light-mix.

This makes Plagron Light-mix the perfect potting soil to fertilize according to your own judgement and choices. Also available with perlite.

Plagron Light-mix produces the highest yields when used with the other products from “the Terra Concept”.