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Seedbooster Plus


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Seedbooster Plus is a powerful and safe germination accelerator that not only speeds up the germination cycle of fresh seed but also invigorates older seed. With its applied innovative enzyme technology Seedbooster Plus accelerates the germination cycle by at least 40%. Seedbooster Plus also protects plants against harmful fungi and bacteria during the germination process.

Advantages of Seedbooster Plus

  • Accelerates the germination process considerably.
  • Provides seeds with all essential nutrients.
  • Protects against harmful moulds and bacteria during the germination process.


Shake well before use. Add 7 drops of Seedbooster Plus per 1 litre of water. Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated from initial cycle of germ until the start of the growth phase. After dissolving in water stable for up to 24 hours.


Water, sugar, sorbitol, cellulase enzymes, pectinase enzymes. Stabilised enzyme solution with declared activity: 125 BPU and 100 FBG.


Seedbooster Plus is available in 10ml bottle