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Advanced Nutrients

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Here’s an underground gardening secret you absolutely must know right away: bigger roots create bigger harvests. Fortunately, you can now use the most powerful beneficial bacteria roots stimulator ever made so your plants’ roots and buds get bigger than ever before.

The exclusive range of powerful beneficial bacteria in Voodoo Juice make your plants’ roots get bigger and stronger so your plants grow faster, take in more nutrients, and produce larger, more valuable flowers.

Better yet, Voodoo Juice is the top-ranked beneficial bacteria root booster and root enhancer because it contains a broader range of more effective beneficial microbes than any other root booster formula. That means it’s the best way to increase harvest size by increasing root size. There just aren’t any other root boosters that even come close to what Voodoo Juice gives you.

And this new and improved Voodoo Juice beneficial microbes formula is even stronger and more effective at giving you bigger roots and harvests.

Indeed, growers like you love Voodoo Juice because it’s 100% organic, 100% moneyback guaranteed, and 100% tested on the types of plants you grow and in the gardens you grow them in.

Testing and grower reports worldwide document the following Voodoo Juice benefits:


  • Increases root mass by as much as 117%
  • Makes Bigger Flowers
  • Improves nutrient availability and uptake for better growth
  • Defeats plant pathogens for safer plants
  • Increases nutrient availability and absorption
  • Produces growth-promoting compounds
  • Promotes larger root mass for better growth and yield
  • Increases growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi to protect roots
  • Frees up soil-locked nutrients, such as "trapped" phosphorous

Voodoo Juice beneficial microbes increase root size and harvest yield, and can be used in any type of garden with synthetic or organic plant hydroponics nutrients so you get bigger roots and bigger harvests right away.