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The Mantis 25W LED UV enhancer

The Mantis 25W LED UV enhancer


  • 49900 DKK
  • SPAR 30000 DKK

25W LED UV Enhancer fra GrowTheJungle


Unique on the market!

  • Created from 10 exceptionally strong Seoul Viosity UV LEDs with a frequency of 365nm + 405nm!

  • In addition, all these diodes are protected against fertilizer fumes - they retain their performance longer!

  • Prevents the occurrence of pathogens and pests!

  • It has a unique effect on the ripening of flowers and their transformation into juicy and fragrant fruits!

  • It fundamentally influences and supports the formation of resins!

  • 25W power = 60x10cm completely homogeneous light radiation!

  • The all-over aluminum cooler makes no sound and protects plants from thermal stress!

  • Original laser engraving

  • Hand made


  • Ideal for a growing area of 1 m2

  • For unique results, keep it on for a maximum of 4 hours a day during the last 4 weeks of flowering

  • MANTIS was created as an supplement for JACKSON luminaires, so it is necessary to leave your JACKSONS switched on when applying the UV bath!

  • We recommend timing the UV bath until the middle of the 12h light cycle.

  • Avoid looking directly into UV diodes and do not expose yourself to their radiation too offten! Unlike flowers, strong UV radiation definitely DOES NOT BENEFIT for humans!!!