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Miniature organisms in your hydroponics garden can determine whether you get fantastic full harvests or heartbreaking, puny harvests.These organisms live on leaves and roots in general, but they concentrate in the root zone to either harm or help your plants.

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula contains 19 types of organic beneficial bacteria that colonize plant roots and leaves, giving you growth and harvest benefits you’ve never imagined.

Tarantula’s 19 types of beneficial bacteria bring organic gardening techniques into your indoor grow room for faster growth and bigger yields. These bacteria form a bioactive shield that prevents predatory microscopic organisms from attacking and killing clones, mature plants and buds.

This beneficial bacterial shield guards leaves from being attacked by nasty bacteria and fungi that can wipe out crops.

Tarantula’s exclusive beneficial organisms release natural substances that encourage hydroponics flowering plants to produce extra buds, shorter growth and more branching.

When there are debris in the root zone, Tarantula’s organisms are there to digest the debris so they become nutrients rather than pollutants.

Tarantula minimizes hydroponics nutrient leaching, aids in nutrient cycling and absorption, improves soil structure, dissolves minerals (including phosphorus) for better bioavailability, enhances seed germination, fights pathogens, stimulates root growth and produces natural growth hormones.

Tarantula’s beneficial bacteria are most effective when used in combination with Advanced Nutrients Piranha mycorrhizal fungi, which support and protect Tarantula’s beneficial bacteria.

Tarantula and all other Advanced Nutrients microbial products are safe, easy and economical to use. They’ll easily fit in with your regular feed program.

Tarantula contains microbial friendlies that no other plant growth tonic contains. Tarantula is the only OMRI-certified beneficial bacteria product on the market.