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Cutting Edge Organic Rooting Gel

Cutting Edge Organic Rooting Gel

NRG Horticulture

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Rooting Gel is a natural promoter for root development. The agents within are gained from Ascophyllum Nodosum ("Knotentang", kelp). Due to its jellylike substance this remedy adheres effectively to herbal tissues. It covers the cutting edge and delivers hormones, vitamins and trace elements that are used for propper root and plant growth directly to the scions. Cutting Edge Rooting Gel may be used on all plants and rooting media.

Rooting Gel is gained from organic ressources. If the product is exposed for a longer timespan to greater heat, a greater spore and bacteria growth can occur. This however does not compromise the products quality. Just remove the spore layer before further use.

- Absolutely natural plant extract gained from Ascophyllum Nodosum (Knotentang)
- Healthier Cuttings and faster root development
- Higher survival rate
- Easy to use
- Adheres effectively to herbal tissue

Usage and dosage:
Put the cutting edge into the gel.    
Plant you cutting into the moistened medium. When you are using an aeroponic system, just plant them as usual.    
After 7-10 days your clones should start rooting.

Test winner of the Grow magazine!
Best performance of eight tested rooting agents. You may read it in the Grow! magazine special 01/2015 (Apr/May/June). (GER)

Volume: 50ml

100 % organic material: Ascophyllum Nodosum (Knotentang)