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Ata Clean


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Ata clean er udviklet til vandingssystemer. Ata Clean forebygger og fjerner ophobninger af kalk, jern, fosfater og alger. Ata clean er udviklet til at blive brugt sammen med vand fra hanen.

Dossering: 1 ml pr liter vand.

Ata Clean is a cleansing agent for irrigation systems.  Ata Clean prevents and removes mineral deposits of Calcium, Iron Phosphate and algae.  Especially effective when water from the tap water supply is being used.

Ata Clean has a dosage of 1 to 10,000.



Especially developed for use with tap water.  Add as a precaution to every nutrition. Prepare the base nutrition, correct the pH value (5.6-6.0) if necessary.  Leave the solution for a minute, then add Ata-clean.



100 ml per 100 litres water.